Global schedule


It may be sometimes needed to set one and the same availability for several meeting types. Now it can be quickly done in a few simple clicks.

How to use
1. Navigate to your Meeting types page.
2. Click on Global account schedule in the top right corner.
Sm global schedule path.png
3. In the popup you will see the standard template with the default system availability.
4. In the Set times for field you can keep default value All meeting types if you wish to set the same opening hours for all your meeting types.
Or select the desired meeting types one by one there.
Sm global schedule select meeting types.png
4. Adjust the dates and times to your needs in the next block. You can set regular schedule and/or specific times for the defined dates if necessary.
Sm global schedule availability.png
5. Click Save for the template to be applied to the selected meeting types.
Please note! The template does not remember your last selections. If you need to use this setting again, you will be starting from the default times.