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How to connect Kopano Calendar


Kopano Groupware is the alternative to Microsoft Outlook & Exchange. Small to medium-sized organisations and groups of all kinds use Kopano Groupware to process and manage their e-mails, calendars, contacts or tasks and share them with their colleagues in a digitally sovereign way.

In this guide, you will find out how to connect your Kopano Calendar with to be able to book meetings directly into your calendar.


To log into Kopano Groupware the application first needs to be "registered" with Kopanos identify provider Kopano Konnect. For this the file identifier-registration.yaml needs to be extended with the following:

# identifier-registration.yaml
        - id:
            name: SimplyMeet    
            application_type: web

Connecting Kopano Calendar to

1. First, go to Calendar Integration in

2. Click Connect button in Kopano Calendar section.

Simplymeet kopano calendar path.png

3. Fill in the calendar connection details:

  • Issuer server URL: URL of the Kopano OpenID Connect identity provider (Kopano Konnect) - e.g.
  • API server URL: URL of the Kopano RestAPI (Kopano Kapi). Usually, this is the same value as "Issuer server URL" unless the RestAPI is hosted under a different domain or subdomain.
Simplymeet kopano calendar settings.png

4. Click Connect Calendar. You will be redirected to the Kopano Calendar login screen where you would have to sign in.

5. That's it! Your Kopano Calendar has now been connected to and should synchronize with your account.