Create and manage a team

From lets you create your organization and invite multiple teammates so you can manage your whole team from one place.

Note: To use the team features, you must purchase at least two seats in your organization.

In the 14-day trial, you can test those features for free within Professional plan and invite more teammates. When the trial expires you can keep your subscription and be automatically charged for the selected items or, if you cancel the subscription, your account downgrades to a single user (Individual plan), and you won't be able to use the organization features.

Create an organization

1. Go to Organization.
2. Click Create Organization button.
Simplymeet create organization path.png

3. Fill in your organization details, name, welcome message, upload logo and more.

4. Click Create button.

The organization will create, and it will assign you the owner role. Read more about User roles.

Simplymeet organization and users.png

Invite teammates to your organization

1. Go to your organization settings.
2. Click Add teammates button.
3. Type in your teammate's email addresses separated by a comma or newlines.
4. Click Add teammates button.
Simplymeet add users popup.png

5. Invited teammates will receive email invitations.

Invited teammates get Member role with status pending, by default.

Once the invitation is accepted, the status of the user will change from pending to active.

The paid subscription gets assigned to the teammates once they confirm the invitation to join your organization.